The Madras day quiz

Now, all you Madras buffs get going and cracking! Send in your response and contact number: . The first three all-correct replies will win exciting prizes. Answers to this quiz, along with the names of the three quiz winners, will be published tomorrow, in our edition dated August 23, 2017.

The Madras day Quiz is featured in the Times of India on 22-Aug-2017 and is compiled by Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

  1.  Clive kissed me on the mouth and eyes and brow, wonderful kisses, so that I became Crowned above Queens -a withered beldame now, brooding on ancient fame.This was Kipling’s poem on what?

  2. This was the first flag flying over Madras. Identify

  3. This is perhaps the oldest thing in Madras that’s connected to humans.It is 1.5 million years old.What is it?

  4. This Alwarpet girl became a queen of a 21-gun salute kingdom. Which princely state?

  5. Both the hero and heroine of this movie have statues for them. She has it in Tirupati. Where is his statue in Madras?

  6. What geographical feature did Madras lose to form T Nagar?

  7. The trophy was donated by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. The first match of the competition was held on November 4, 1934 between Madras Presidency and Mysore in Chepauk. What competition was this?

  8. The St Patrick’s Irish Missionary School had a huge playground. But the students had been shifted during the World War, fearing Japanese bombing.When they returned, their grounds had been converted into a posh colony. What is that colony today?

  9. Which Madras citizen appeared in a Somerset Maugham’s novel in his actual name?

  10. Pachaiyappa Mudaliar was perhaps the first Indian to write a type of legal document -which one?

  11. A Mylapore girl is men tioned 10 times in holy scripture devaram. A record for somebody who wasn’t divine or a saint. Who is she?

  12. Marina beach is a which was artificially created by the building of the port.From which part of the world did the name Marina come from?

  13. The screen play writer, hurt that his only offering to cinema directly, bombed in the box office converted this to a novel. Name the writer.

  14. Ellis Dungan the American director of Tamil movies introduced a dance form in Tamil cinema which was considered virtually essential for nearly three decades to ensure the box-office success? Which was the dance form?

  15. Which is the only movie in which two Bharat Ratnas have acted?

  16. Of the two areas with pin codes in Madras named after the apostles of Christ. One is St. Thomas Mount. Which is the other place?

  17. Identify the purpose of this structure, which is still found near Napier Bridge.

  18. This statue Colonel James Neil was removed from Mount Road after a long agitation. What was his nickname?

  19. What’s the connection of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia to Madras?

  20. The maadi poonga or terrace garden in north Madras was not intended to be a park. What is it a remnant of?

  21. These gold coins were made by the East India Company. Who does it depict?

  22. This style of architecture took roots in Madras with Chisholm the architect and Namberumal Chetty the contractor.Name the style?

  23. Which art form was perfected and popularised from this house on the banks of the Adyar river?

  24. The Philatelic Bureau on Mount Road actually started for another purpose. And was the oldest of its sort. What was it for?

  25. Marina holds a Guinness Book record for 15 million people assembling at one place.What was the event?

  26. The first Asian plane was demonstrated in Madras.Where did this happen in the city?

  27. Which college in Madras has produced two Nobel laureates?

  28. What is so unique about the Kannagi statue in Marina?

  29. House Vivekananda was once a godown for imports from America. What did it store?

  30. St. Rita’s church in Santhome is dedicated to the memory of a nation. Which country?

    A quiz by Venkatesh Ramakrishnan featured in Times of India , 22-08-2017

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