Not to miss in Madras – Little Mount

little-mountA cave in the heart of Saidapet /Guindy, Right on mount road?

And one associated to an apostle of Christ.image (1)

Little Mount (Chinnamalai) is a small hillock that lies on the bank of river Adayar  and  is traditionally acknowledged to be one of the places where St Thomas, an apostle of Jesus, lived and preached .

The Portuguese realized the importance of this sacred place and in 1551 AD, built a Church in honor of Our Lady of Health over the site where the doubting Thomas hid from his assassins

Behind the altar of the “our lady of health”   is the entrance to the  cave.

The saint’s  foot print and a cross he engraved (and bled sometime in history) , as well as a spring which yields water that heals diseases should not be  missed.

Precaution – The cave is a no no for those with claustrophobia.



cave 2

Location near Saidapet metro station, a cutting on the road to Raj Bhavan.

cave map

Do visit the spot and let us know in the comments.

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